Two killers cross paths by mistake and kill the scum of the world. 'People of New Jersey, Beware!'

Mikey, an unloved, unwanted, clairvoyant teen and his mentor Big Vic, a mild mannered and well liked butcher shop owner, who when angered becomes 'The Mad Butcher', together spread their depraved hatred towards humanity. The Mad Butcher, whose gruesome hobbies include human taxidermy, modern and mid-evil torture, psychological debasement and manipulating those around him to believe in this charade, preys on those unfortunate enough to enter his world.

After having premonitions of finding his soul mate, Mikey finally meets the girl that he has seen in his dreams. Soon, however, he will learn that there is a greater evil that he must face. This evil comes in the form on a Demon Clown, an apparition that consumes his very soul. The tables slowly begin to turn as Mikey's inner demons become his reality, and send what is so dear to him where he has so callously sent others.

This is a true Horror, Romance, Psycho, Thriller with a hint of comedy.
Caution! Do not read this alone.
The names have been changed to protect the already dead!

The Rellik by Michael J. Denaut
cover design by Jay Crockett

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